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3 February
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
'Ere I am, J.H.
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Harvard University - Cambridge MA (1987 - 1994)
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alan rickman, alt.callahans, alt.nomads, anime, anita blake, babylon 5, blake's 7, buffy, cbc radio, civ iii, cognitive science, death to the extremist, doctor who, douglas hofstadter, dvd commentaries, friendly toast, gilbert & sullivan, great big sea, greg egan, hrsfa, i claudius, j. r. r. tolkien, kate walsh? still hot., larps, linguistics, madeleine l'engle, magnetic fields, martin gardner, math, mmmfaith, musicals, neil gaiman, orson scott card, prime numbers, raxacoricofallapatorius, revolutionary girl utena, ruby the galactic gumshoe, shoujo kakumei utena, showtunes, sip, strangers in paradise, twop, utena, west wing,
Yes, fic folks, I am well over 18.

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Marriage is love.

Who else is love?
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I've always thought Sam was the most interesting part of Lord of the Rings. And now I have an adoptable from to show for it. Awww. Look at Sam and Frodo. Just look at 'em.

Oh, okay, there's these guys too.

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