grrr argh!

Elderly cats

This is part of the job of being a responsible pet owner, but life with Nikita lately has gotten a bit much "Good night, Westley, I'll most likely kill you in the morning."
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grrr argh!

dammit (Frankenstorm)

We have a drip. In the third-floor ceiling.

Well, now we have a hole.

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It's been enlarged since this pic.

EDIT: So yeah, a little repetitive sound while we were watching TV turned out to be a slow drip onto my laptop keyboard (which appears to have sustained no damage). One drop at a time was seeping through a hairline crack in the plaster. We moved cruft and furniture, rmd cut into the ceiling (which I would not dare do, but hey, I'm not a former electrician!) pulled out insulation and stuff, and found what *appears* to be a small leak of wetness driven sideways by the wind, as opposed to a serious roof problem. We hope. A bucket is in place.

ObSubjectLine: And we left the TiVo paused shortly before Gene Wilder says, "The name! Is! Frankenstein!"

Sam and Frodo

for the sentimental Harry Potter fan...

today's Woot shirt. If you're *really* sentimental, don't read the write-up.

For those unfamiliar with Woot, the shirt is $12 today and $15 thereafter until they don't sell enough of it to keep it around. For those *familiar* with Woot, note they've changed where they get their T-shirt blanks from recently and the fit may be slightly different.