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teen sexuality

Thanks to browngirl for the URLs.

From The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, an ad campaign.

From Planned Parenthood, a far better one.

My feedback on the former:
How old are you? 25 and older
What is your gender? Female
checked other, "e-mail from a friend"

What is your opinion of the ads?
I think they're awful.
I think you're promoting feelings of shame and despair which are the last things teenagers need to have added to their emotional turmoil.

Did the ads make you think about teen pregnancy?
Did the ads make you want to talk to your friends, parents, or anybody else about teen pregnancy?
What does "sex has consequences" mean to you?
It means that honest communication and caution are both necessary parts of a sexual relationship.
What do you think the worst part of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant would be?
I decline to answer the question on the grounds that it may be used for another ad campaign I disapprove of.

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