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a beautiful wedding

As rmd and hammercock and tigerbright and many others have said, Ben and quietann's wedding yesterday was just a wonderful thing.

After helping out with their yardwork last month, I came back yesterday and did a little bit of last-minute fetch-and-carrying (a rat cage here, the soda there) and then chatted with folks in the beautiful sunshine, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

I saw N putting, well, patches of sunscreen on his daughter's leg, and asked if I could help while he held her. I promptly redid that leg more evenly and did her arms and legs. ;-) I don't think he quite knows how even coverage matters to more pale-skinned folks. Then I joined the slow trend toward sitting down. "If the ceremony's supposed to begin in five minutes, maybe if we sit down everyone else will think it's a good idea too."

But, typically of weddings, it took more like 20 minutes. At which point the threatening thunderclouds let loose. Someone had provided M with a plastic sheet, which I snagged from her to protect the ketubah as Ann's brother whisked it away into the barn.

In 5 minutes flat, 95% of everybody was, with their chairs, inside the barn milling around. The food tables were moved to the side. In 10 minutes, even the last few people were slightly drowned but inside, and our second try at a seating arrangement was well underway. I love being part of a community that can spring into action at a moment's notice. The sun came out in time for the actual ceremony (my first Jewish wedding!). Ann and Ben both looked wonderful (I mostly admired them from behind, but the dress skirt and her wrap were lovely, and the embroidery on his vest). There was a second brief downpour a few minutes later, and then we had fine warm sun for the rest of the day.

Food folks like Tamar did their jobs efficiently and well, and everybody was fed, though delicacies like browngirl's vanished before I got to the table. The vegan wedding cake had the best frosting I've tasted. And Ben alerted us to the fact that somebody had opened a bottle of 76-year-old port, which I got to sample, sharing round tastes to everybody I could find, because it was the Smoothest Drink Ever! (I'm told this is false, but it's easily the smoothest thing I ever tasted. I perhaps insulted it with a plastic cup, but, ever so dignified, I licked every last bit out of it!) In elegant fashion, whoever made the magnificent gesture of donating the bottle kept it anonymous. Mmm, dark amber nectar.

Yay, rmd's toast! Yay, sun and fun. Yay to a wonderful couple and a wonderful crowd of their friends.

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