Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

"Claudia is"

My full name doesn't bring up anything, but this version's kind of fun:

Claudia is available for Spiritual Couseling.
Claudia is a gifted and caring psychic healer.
Claudia is an outstanding singer/songwriter who has shared stages with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Steve Forbert, Tish Hinojosa, Kris Kristoffersen...
Claudia is a special person.
Claudia is Glamour magazine's covermodel for July 2000.
Claudia IS PERFECT Everyway I can Tell.
Claudia is committed to expanding Nature's profile within the local community and across the country.
Claudia is a student from a little country about which no one wants to know.
Claudia is ExecuPlanet’s and Lee Hecht Harrison’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer.
Claudia is one of the leading actresses of her generation in Australia.
Claudia is a member of the Graduate Realtor Institute.
Claudia is Assistant Professor at the ENSIMAG of the INPG.
Claudia is a real life Dr. Doolittle.
Claudia is truly gifted in this regard, which is a blessing for every dog and dog owner with whom she comes in contact.
Claudia is the oldest of four siblings.
Claudia is a non-smoker and a non-drinker.
Claudia is happy to advise and encourage young artists.
Claudia is truly a treasure.
CLAUDIA is a beautiful, masonry and stonework villa of gracious Caribbean elegance. (Hee!)
Claudia is a certified teacher in the Iyengar method of hatha yoga.
Claudia is one of the world's top sex symbols.
Claudia is watching "The Magnificent Seven".
Claudia is trapped within the body of a child.
Claudia is one of the decade's stars.
Claudia is stuck in a small town tavern by a broken wheel on her traveling coach.
Claudia is currently a teacher at the Italian High School for Accountants.
Claudia is also known for her humour off the set as well as on.
Claudia is a blue female Indian Ringneck Parrot.
Claudia is throwing a fit and screaming.
Claudia is described as being "cautious".
Claudia is best known for her role as Susan Ivanova on TV's Babylon 5.
Claudia is in the Hizzouse.

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