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Another meme to spread...

Following lothie's example, but with more vagueness than she had:

Let's see. A fair bit of my friends list I haven't met, and that's largely LJ support folks, TWoPpers, and the random cool writer. For the rest:

I met ananda999 and jheaton at BuffyCon East, back before it became clear that there would be many such critters. That was in fall of 2000. I also met fox1013 there, though I have no idea if she remembers me, given that there were so many of us and she could only stop by for a short while.

annathepiper and mamishkaI met on a a play outing. I thought at the time I was meeting solarbird there, but it turns out she recognized me from years before at Baitcon '93 (or was it '94? the only one I've been to, and I think it was '93), when we across a table full of puzzles in the living room at the Orcish Palace--I think I met lyonesse at the same Baitcon. I think I met jessicac on the same outing as annathepiper and mamishka, but I have a strong memory of her a day or two later so I'm unsure.

I met bikergeekon one of his visits with browngirl. That would have been around 1996, I think.

I am confused as to whether I've ever met bookly. If so, it was 8-ish years ago when I was meeting dozens of elboids at a go. Similarly, bryant and I may have collided in college, but if so neither of us recall it.

I met browngirl when she was a college freshman, through HRSFA and other amusements. :) The same can be said of neus, but that was a different school year... right? Likewise preraphaelite and scorchus, probably specifically at a Milk and Cookies in those cases.

I met bunyip at the the Detroit #callahans RS davehogg hosted. I'm very foggy on Callahanian chronology all of a sudden, but I think that was fall 1995. bunyip says August! Okay, not as far off as I expected.

ceo, dr_memory, hammercock, juliansinger, marmota and tcb were all part of a sea of Elboids I met between spring 1993 when I started going to Open Parlor Nights at Fandom House and August 1995 when I moved out of Fandom House after living there for a year. Could I vague that up a little?

I met cheshyre and gayathri at munches around 1995.

I met rosefox at a wee callahans gathering, a picnic in the Public Gardens. Um. Um. Summer 1995?

cthulhia is part of the second sea of Elboids I met a bit later on, starting maybe in 1997? Something like that. This also includes gosling, infinitehotel, itsemi, kimberlogic, mangosteen, quietann, and tigerbright. I think.

davehogg, I met when he visited Boston. Saxikath and I greeted him with balloons and a banner. :) Um. Before the Detroit RS. Summer 1995? Help!

I *think* I met tb at Arisia '93. I definitely met kjc and rmd there--I crashed in their room!

I met drglam at an Alison Bechdel talk a bunch of folks including neus caravanned to. This must have been at UMass Amherst? In 1997 or 1998, I'd think.

I was *sure* I'd met faithw before she visited Boston, because it was so comfortable hanging out with her then. I was very confused. So that means I met her... what, spring 1996?

I met godam really briefly at the Boston BuffyCon. Comedy of errors on the part of the organizer (me!)--ah well.

I met jbsegal at Disclave '93, I'm pretty sure. Either that or at my one and only Baitcon. I think I met lothie at that same Disclave, but if not it was at the Arisia before or after. The same confusion of state goes for pookfreak.

joev and proleptic I met through a stranger net phenomenon than LiveJournal, around 1996 or 1997, I'd suppose. I knew of Joev as a CS TF, but I didn't actually meet him then.

I met johnd through rmd at her birthday dinner, I think.

kathrynt and llachglin I met on my first visit out to Seattle to see rmd. I remember feeling overwhelmed but welcomed. liralen, I met over a year later, when rmd was packing up to leave Seattle.

I met ornoth in the spring of 1993. I don't think it's either of our faults that we didn't get along very warmly at first. ;-)

surrealestate I thought I met at the Indigo Girls concert we went to, but if she thinks it was Arisia '94--well, it turns out, it was. I certainly have a vivid memory of her at a party there with M, I just thought that was after we'd met. [I knew this was another confusion I had to come back to and then I forgot on my second sweep through everyone. Whoops!]

saxikath and I met through ST:TCG and callahans, online, but then met in person when we were in the same computer lab, "talked" each other saying what computer carrels we were in, and poked our heads up to greet each other. Hee. That would have been in the fall of 1993, or else I'm off by a year and wasn't legitimately using that lab at the time, having already graduated.

I met veda815 and zengoalie at a clinner in suburban Massachusetts, though at that point I was vague on the meaning of the term "clinner". That was last summer? That can't be right... can it?

Wow. The vagueness of my memory impresses even me. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. (Oh, well, I'll fix things as I can.)
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