Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

help, i've fallen off livejournal and I can't get up!

No, I'm just way behind. virelai reminded me that people might occasionally actually read claudia_media, so I think I'll have to go do some updating there... I saw several movies recently I have stuff to say about. I'm in a non-journalling mood these last couple weeks, for whatever reason.

On my mind: the Massachusetts Super-DOMA constitutional amendment ballot question appears to have been procedurally killed. I guess it's a clean kill--the procedural vote didn't even get the 50 votes the amendment itself would have needed to pass. But I don't approve of the voters' wishes (in this case, the wish of over 100,000 petition signatories) being quashed by procedural nonsense. I don't like it when it results in Clean Elections not being funded, and I don't like it here.

Hm. The original reporting had the vote at 105-46, but now it's 137-53, so the bit about a "clean kill" is no longer true. I presume many legislators weren't yet in the room and are now registering their votes for the record after the fact... but I don't really know.

So, yay result, boo tactics, I guess.

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