January 1st, 2002

Sam and Frodo

useful support responses

55059: UTF-8 reply (was
54161 and 49614: )
50363: good cache-clearing reply (was 49727: cache-clearing URL)
50386: threads and parents

55099: Default View
47977: newbies asking about screened responses
47899: additional Currents, personal links, Moods?
46988: style browser and free approximation
49820: style browser and old list of public style IDs
50383: Netscape 4.x UTF-8 reply
47963: arie's validation reply

50316: reserved usernames
42120: Yahoo changing words
50987: span for italics, bold, etc.
51750: setlang.bml, making it stick -- *edit* language

notes from review, 5/15/02: for username changes, mention the developers are working on it with no ETA; don't mention a possible fee; link to news to watch for updates

several privs don't like "I'm sorry...", ** or // for emphasis,
Sam and Frodo

postdated to stay atop my journal

[used to be dated May 21, 2005, but there are no invite codes anymore]

Hey. I found I actually do occasionally want to post friends-only posts. So if you're reading without having an account, and want one for that purpose or another, and I know you, you're probably welcome to ask me for an account code. mail or comment to ask.

Sorry, well-meaning people I don't know, this is not a general offer.

[this is a meaningless test edit]
[this is a second, before comment test #2/3]