February 25th, 2002

Sam and Frodo

well, okay, maybe.

I'm home sick today after all. I can use the time to finish clearing the room.

It will be so good to have this *done*. I tend to live with an absurd amount of clutter. The project after this will be to either store or buy containers for all of the stuff, so it's maintainable in greater order. You know, containers. Like another bookcase, a bureau....

And I really want to flush out the mouse that's somewhere in the house, and at least some of the time I hear it here. Yuck ick.
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Sam and Frodo

Sometimes it's the small victories

It's my job to put out the third floor recycling. Which I forgot last week but there wasn't much stuff. But I've been cleaning out my room and both bins were pretty full. And I figured I'd do them once I finished in my room last night.

But I got a repreive (the plasterers don't come until Wednesday now) and didn't finish my room last night, so forgot to bring the bins out.

Not ten minutes ago I folded up an empty Cheerios box and... added it to the recycling bin. Oops.

I went to the second floor porch to see whether recycling had been collected yet. No. But what's that rumble? The truck is down the block, making its way here!

I grabbed sandals and did two round trips in nothing but my flannel nightgown and brought all the bins out before the truck made it to us. I hear it outside even now.
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