March 25th, 2002

Sam and Frodo

Ah yes, the Oscars

Memento and Ian McKellan were robbed. Memento should have won for writing and arguably for editing. I haven't seen Iris, but I don't care. I love Jim Broadbent but the only LotR award I was sure of was McKellan for supporting actor.

Oh, and Ron Howard isn't all that. What a Disneyfied movie A Beautiful Mind was. My aunt said the book turned her off from seeing the movie because Nash was such a disagreeable person. Well... that's not the Nash the movie was about. Feh.
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Sam and Frodo

What, more quizzes?

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I thought I was going to end up Spike, but I guess bad poetry doesn't affect it *that* much.
Sam and Frodo

Star Wars vs. LotR

I'm definitely late to the party, but in my post-Oscar explorations I came across Salon's version of the inevitable comparison:

"Lord of the Rings" vs. "Star Wars": Peter Jackson's glorified video game doesn't hold up to the grandly human epic that defined a generation.

I dunno. Maybe I'm too close to the books to tell. I didn't think
Gandalf or Aragorn were inconsistent--I thought they were multifaceted.

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