June 4th, 2002

Sam and Frodo

I hate my ex-cow orker

(Yes, that's deliberate.)

We're finally getting rid of frames on our website so I'm copying and pasting the content into our new template. The content is chiefly links to movies. The ex-cow orker appears to have done some stupid search and replace to upwards of 20 files, such that every link is followed by another 100 or so characters that do nothing (they're an A HREF that is around no visible element so it doesn't show up). What a mess to muck through. I mean, search and replace, but still. The guy's an idiot.
Sam and Frodo


This will make me no friends but I've never before felt my age (or my gravitas or my whatever it is) while helping in support as when this all unfurled. It may all get deleted, who knows... it's there now.