July 29th, 2002

Sam and Frodo

so many owed entries

(Not owed to anyone in particular, just entries I have in mind to write. Lots of movie thoughts and other thoughts.)

It was a solidly good weekend. Friday I had people over for the usual TV-watching, and gamers joined. You see, my housemate was hosting an occasional gathering of folks who used to live in our house (it's existed as the semi-collective household it is for over 20 years) who like to game together. Somehow I've always been travelling when these have happened in the past, but this time I was around.

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We then didn't game for hours more, because wives and families had started to arrive and it was social time (yes, I was the only female gamer in the bunch). But hey, kids and me, good stuff. I hung out with several of them in the dining room while grillables were being prepared. A three year old girl and a six(?) year old girl took turns playing a game based on how one girl's grandmother would catch her in the swimming pool. I'd sit down, they'd stand between my legs and I'd snap them shut, and they'd try to wriggle free. Human jungle gym, me.

The three year old was patting my hair (which is down to mid-thigh, for those who haven't met me face-to-face) and then caught sight of my legs in the loose Indian-print cotton skirts I was wearing.

"Why do you have hair on your legs?"
"Because it grew there, like the hair on my head."
She was much startled by this.
"My daddy has hair on his legs. He has hair on his belly. Do you have hair on your belly?"
"No--" but she'd already scooted across the room to check her facts by pulling up her dad's shirt. He didn't pay much attention initially but she was so insistent he asked what was going on.
"She saw the hair on my legs and decided to make a detailed comparison."

Everybody cracked up, and one mother started to explain that women grew hair on their legs and armpits (pointing out that the six-year-old had the light golden fuzz beginnings of leg hair), but many women shaved it off. The girl looked sort of stricken and asserted that she'd never shave, it sounded painful. I felt an urge to present an even-handed account, so told her that many girls do without difficulty, but she was not moved.

I was terribly amused.

After barbecue stuff, I hung around waiting for gaming to recommence. But I had some errands I had to run before going out for the evening. So I headed out for all of 20 minutes to do them (I bought sneakers and black leggings/exercise pants and a six-pack of Mike's lemonade) and of course they started gaming while I was gone!

Well, not really. I came back and offered Mike's around and helped set up Starfarers of Catan and start playing (meanwhile Axis & Allies Pacific was starting up on the other half of the table). But I only got to play for about 45 minutes before I had to get changed and head out for RHPS, and at that I was later than I meant to be. I was also 2 Mikes to the wind.

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Sunday... I think I had a leftover erotic charge from prancing around in the bodice on Saturday. ;-) At any rate, we had a good morning/afternoon, and were all sated after brunch and lazing around. We headed out to watch the last DVD episode of The Sandbaggers. I now need to find a source for the third and final season, which was never released on video (licensing issues, apparently). Format no object--I have access to multi-region VCRs. Anyone know someone who taped them off-air?

If you seek this series out, definitely get it on DVD... the videotape release skips a crucial episode.

Anyway. We watched that, and then some Samurai Jack while we ate chinese food, then went to Toscanini's for coffee drinks (well, I had sweet cream, but I'm told the only proper reason to go to Toscanini's is for coffee; maybe this is some peculiarity of the Harvard Square store, I don't know), and then we watched Donnie Darko for a moody and beautiful end to a beautiful day.

It was a good weekend.