September 6th, 2002

Sam and Frodo


A bunch of friends of mine are all being plagiarized by this one livejournal user. How very odd. He... well, "he", I don't see that we can trust any information connected to his account... "he" seems to have decided to copy some of their more well-written posts as his and accept all the praises that come from "his" postings. Pretty lame, when you can't even write your own journal.

The worst was the article about seeing Nina Hartley (a stripper) perform. The original article is by a female friend of mine. Somehow the drooling that was cute when written by a female author is just pathetic when I imagine it from a guy. Or maybe that's just because it's a skeezy plagiarizing guy.
Sam and Frodo


Do I really want to read a recap of the Buffy episode The Prom by the same guy who dissed The Zeppo? No, no I do not.
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