April 21st, 2003

Sam and Frodo

A week declared for blogging in blank verse!

(The subject line swiped from dear saxikath)

I will not be as eloquent as some,
And, travelling, I may not often write
But this event seems worthier to me
Than many other memes and quizzy things
So join us and attempt blank verse this week
And see how easy 'tis, or how o'erwrought. ;-)
We'll see if I can manage next to speak
Of geocaches, Buffy, movies, friends.
If not, look kindly on my entry here,
Iambs at five per line may yet ring true!
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Sam and Frodo

A couple odds and ends before I leave

I'm heading to Seattle Tuesday morn.
But in the meantime, already blank verse:
How do I take a dog away from meat?
This plaintive question, and the gory scene
described within, hilarity inspire.
I don't believe the cited source exists,
but does it really matter in this case?

I visited the cache called Geo-Art
It ceases to exist on Thursday eve.
No device is needed for this find,
and all the gallery worth visiting.
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