March 4th, 2004

Sam and Frodo

That whole "friends-of list" vote.

There's a trial of the brand-new Goatvote system going on in lj_biz. Let me explain... no, let me sum up.

Goatvote asks that you not simply vote in a poll, but also include URLs that support your argument. The idea is that Goatvote will sift the cogent arguments to the top by counting the most popular URLs, rather than just being a brainless "click here".

The vote in question is about whether you should be able to control, not whether someone friends you, but whether then then show up on your "friends-of" list.

Here's my argument in favor of option 2 out of the three:

and another argument I favor:

If you care, then try out the shiny new Goatvote toy and let's see how it works!
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Sam and Frodo

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"In short, while the one-parent family is indeed far more common now than it was then, it is more common now because more children get to grow up with at least one parent, rather than being deprived of both parents and expected to grow up in an institution. Though OSC decries it, the one parent family is a product of a rich and advanced civilisation that can afford to support a parent as she (or he) carries out the vital duties of parenthood alone."

yonmei's dissection of Orson Scott Card's lying piece of bigotry concludes here. Check it out, it's good.
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