June 5th, 2010

Cylon Kermit

Metropolis, re-re-restored (or something like that) [Boston]

So they found about another half-hour of Metropolis footage, and restored the movie. The 2002-ish restoration was already such an improvement over the Moroder cut that it was a whole different film. I can't wait to see the current restoration which is all but maybe 8 minutes of the original, with the original score (so it goes to black for the still-missing footage to keep the timing).

And I don't have to, cuz we're going to see it tomorrow at the Coolidge Corner Theatre now that I know it's running there. We missed seeing it with the Alloy Orchestra live, that was only tonight, but I don't know, I might prefer hearing the original score anyway.

Saturday, 7 pm. Tickets available online. And Wikipedia knows all.

If you're in the Boston area you really shouldn't miss the chance to see this in an art deco movie house, after all.

See you there?
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