June 6th, 2010

here (zoomed-in from space)

Weather and woes

(I like the Starbucks here that's better than the other one
Cause the other one's not as good)

rmd was understandably stressed the heck out when our basement flooded on top of other repairs needed and such. I went out for more trash bags (not for basement stuff, for back porch stuff) and spotted couldn't possibly miss the downed tree across the street, which did fall inwards toward our neighbors' houses, but, it appears, at the least damaging angle possible to them. It grazed along a drainpipe, took out the dividing fence, and seriously dented the second home's porch roof, but didn't seem to have done any worse structural damage than that.

So, we took a breath and put our own disaster into new perspective. I finally replaced our front porch storm door with a screen, and let in more fresh air. We cleared away other long-overdue trash. We brought in groceries. And booze, which is now chilling in the fridge. And we took a breather.

Then we both went downstairs, to shop-vac the standing water that has gotten ahead of the sump pump's capacity to clear it out. It's sort of a one-person job, at least the vacuuming up water part. But not the heaving water into the work sink part. And definitely not the moral support part. And the standing water's gone except for in one corner now, and we're still going.

So even though it keeps running through my head, it's not at all appropriate to sing

If you need me
I'll be downstairs
With the shop vac
You can call but I probably won't hear you
Because it's loud with the shop vac on
(For heaven's sake it's really loud with the shop vac on)
But you'll be OK
Cause you'll be upstairs
With the TV
You can cry and I probably won't hear you
Because it's loud with the shop vac on
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