Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

New routine...

I'm starting to take lunches to work; we'll see how this goes. If I get into the rhythm of it I'll keep a half-gallon of milk in the work fridge--for now I'm buying cold drinks and bringing the rest.

My goal is to cut down to one or two Bartley's burger or Cardullo's salami sandwich meals a week (hey, I could go into cholesterol withdrawal if I go TOO far), and bring in the rest. I am a creature of habit, so the rest will probably always consist of something very like what I've brought in today: 2 (maybe 3) peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly. no.), a banana, and some Ruffles from the big bag I'm leaving here. Milk (required when eating peanut butter) and gingerale from home, and as much gatorade as I want bought near work.

I could even buy powdered gatorade, except that I think that part will be strictly seasonal. Just fending off dehydration, yo.

Both healthier and less expensive. Go me.
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