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New Words feminist bookstore closing

Support them as they mutate, especially Boston-ish folks! Spread the word.

From: New Words <>
Date: Thu Sep 5, 2002 5:39:35 PM US/Eastern

Dear Customers and Friends,


Since 1974, you have helped make New Words Bookstore a premier center of
women's writing, activism, and ideas. Now, twenty-eight years later, we
have decided to close the store so we can devote all our resources to
moving forward with a new plan that will benefit you, our current
communities, as well as future generations of women.

As you may know, for the past two years, with help from a Ford
Foundation grant, we've looked at the nation-wide problems of women's
bookstores today. The result we came up with is a terrific new
non-profit model-and we're calling it THE CENTER FOR NEW WORDS.

We hope to open the new Center within the next year, and to locate it in
Cambridge. We have the support of the Cambridge Women's Commission and
other city offices to help make this a reality. The Center for New Words
will be a bigger, more beautiful and accessible space. We'll offer more
diverse and innovative programs-all geared to women's words and
empowerment-that range from literacy, to reading and writing programs,
to producing and selling written materials (yes, a new bookstore), to
keeping a lively literary and civic exchange of ideas in our

We are moving forward now in order to honor our past twenty-eight years,
and to ensure our future. We invite you to join us at this milestone.

YOU CAN HELP ENORMOUSLY by purchasing, right now, all the books you ever
meant to buy at New Words-and by returning to buy more during our "End
of an Era" Sale. This sale begins Saturday, September 14th and runs
through Sunday, October 6th (with the exception of Mondays). We want to
clean out our shelves and end this era on a high note. Your purchases
matter. You will be giving us the moral and financial support we need
to make a smooth transition to our future endeavors.

We'll also be holding an online CELEBRITY AUCTION to raise funds for New
Words Live and provide transitional support for this project. The
auction will be held on e-Bay beginning in mid-September, and you'll
have the chance to bid on many exciting, one-of-a-kind items, including
Leslie Feinberg's necktie, a guitar lesson with Pamela Means, dinner
made for you by Letta Neely, and the opportunity to have Dorothy Allison
record your outgoing answering machine message. Send an email to us at and we'll let you know as soon as the auction is

And be sure to join us during our Fall Reading Series, which will be as
fabulous as always. Stay tuned to this list and you'll see an
incredible range of authors, musicians, and performers appearing in the
next few months. Sponsored by New Words Live, most of these events will
be held in the bookstore's back Reading Room- which will remain the
venue for our programs and also for our transitional activities in the
coming year.

Once again, our deepest thanks to each of you. Your presence and support
is what helped build New Words into a renowned women's bookstore and
center for culture, ideas, and lifetime friendships. We are excited
about staying in touch with you as we metamorphose into the Center for
New Words.

For New Words Bookstore, New Words Live, and for the Center for New

Rita Arditti
Gilda Bruckman
Jaclyn Friedman
Kate Rushin
Joni Seager
Laura Zimmerman

Tuesday - Friday noon - 8pm; Saturdays 10am - 6pm; Sundays noon - 6pm.
Closed Mondays.
New Words Bookstore
186 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

617-876-5310 phone
617-354-9066 fax

On the web at:

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