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I was eating at Bartley's Burger Cottage (best burgers in Boston!) and because the weather's nice, I was at one of the teeny outdoors tables, reading one of my current books. A pedestrian came along and paused standing next to my table. From the body language, I expected that when I looked up it would be someone I recognized, but no, she was just a Christine-Lavin-perky girl in sunglasses who I'd never met before, hovering near my table.

Perky Pedestrian: Excuse me, how do you get in here?
Me: Get in?
PP: Yes, how do you get in here? [she was cheery and friendly, not at all obnoxious]
Me: Um, right under the sign there.
PP: *glances* So to get in I'd go through that door?
Me: [um, maybe she's ineptly asking the far more common question, 'how do I get into Harvard?'] You do mean the burger place, right?
PP: Yeah, how do I get in?
Me: Yeah, right under that sign.

She traipsed through the door and came back out in a minute to sit at another outdoors table, facing toward me. I went back to my book (Fast Food Nation). I glanced up as a waitress came to offer her a menu--she declined; "I just want a small--"; I went back to the book.

Five or ten minutes later I finished my fries, drained my milk, left a tip, got my bags together and headed inside to pay the meal check. As I passed her table...

Perky Patron: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure.
PP: I didn't make you leave, did I?
Me: *momentary boggle* *glance back at the table I just left* Uh, no--I just finished my meal.
PP: Oh! Okay!
Me: Enjoy your lunch... er, dinner. *remind myself that while I may not have eaten a meal since breakfast, normal people are having dinner at 5:30 pm*

She grinned, I smiled, and I went on my way.

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