Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

fucked. up.

I just walked home. Well, I took a cab to the CVS and walked the three blocks from there--had to pick up a sewing kit to fix these buttons, and I picked up some other stuff too.

This is usually a safe enough walk home, even at this hour. There's all-night stuff and a fire station, and it's all of three blocks. But tonight I'd walked about a block and paused to do a double-take at a storefront (a cafe that had closed since I'd looked at it last) when I heard catcalling. I didn't even register it as having to do with me since it was from a vehicle that was well past me. But I'd only walked half a block--okay, I paused again to check the hours at another store--when I realized they'd doubled back across the (divided) street to whistle. Okay, that's really fucking deliberate. And they were whistling at a shapeless form in a thick quilted coat, with glasses and long hair. Really, no reason but to be threatening.

I looked at the big black pickup and went on my way.

I'd gone one more block and was halfway across the street, on the median, when the truck passed right next to me and the driver called out something unintelligible. I kept walking, but deliberately at an angle to not give away my destination, and yelled, "who the hell are you?" I finished crossing, and saw the truck a block ahead in the left lane, preparing to turn as if to make another u-turn. Jesus Christ.

The moment I was out of their sight, I sprinted down my street to the door, quickly unlocking the door with only one lock so I didn't have to fiddle with getting the deadbolt open if there were someone coming behind me. I paused with the door open so I could just duck through and slam it if need be. My roommates can just cope with the slight chill in the stairwell.

I stood there panting and watching the street behind me, but no truck passed through the intersection. A good two minutes later a couple of cars passed by. Still no truck. I finally went inside and let the door close behind me.

Fucked. Up.

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