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Boxing Day, on the other hand....

I really wanted to get back into town and see rmd overnight before more concentrated familyness on Saturday (a late Christmas with my dad's side of the family). The plan was for my brother to drive me in with all my Christmas loot. Mere minutes before we were to head out, his glasses frames broke. Yeesh.

My aunt Kate was visiting at the time (for reasons both nice and psychodrama-avoiding) and when I popped online to see when a train into town would leave, I swear we both read 9:10 and 10:45. I now think we were looking at the morning schedule. But anyway. 9:10 was 20 minutes away. My dad drives it in 12. She thought we'd give it a try and offered me a ride. I grabbed my bag, checked that I had my wallet, gave quick goodbyes to everyone, and off we went.

Well, she takes the back roads and it took just over 20 minutes. We got to one station a bit after we thought the train would leave and headed on to the second. No train there either, but we thought we'd just missed it. I figured she could just leave me at the station to wait for the next train, but aunts just aren't allowed to do this. I can take the Night Owl bus all I want to on my own, but she's not answerable to my parents for *that*.

So, we grabbed a bite at Pizza Hut (closed) Panera (closed) Applebee's, waiting for the next train. I tried to call rmd but the payphone didn't work. We had a fun talk, and headed out of the restaurant about half an hour early for the last train (we figure). To find ourselves locked out of the car. (She only has an ignition key at the moment and not a door key, which I didn't know when I locked the door behind me, repeating the motion she'd done when she'd locked all the doors before I'd gotten out--she thought she was carefully *unlocking* the doors. Oy.) Hm. Back to the restaurant with the non-working payphone.

They let us use the phone at the bar, but it couldn't make toll calls (though I was able to leave rmd a voicemail). A waitress offered us a cell phone just as a very nice guy at the bar did likewise. Kate called her sister who has her spare keys--she found the keys, but none of the drivers were fit to drive, having been enjoying a champagne-filled evening. That's okay--we called my parents. My mom kept telling me in an annoyed voice to stop laughing (but it's funny!) as I explained the situation, then put my dad on. He took in the situation and was prepared to deliver keys to us when Kate's new acquaintance, an off-duty tow truck driver with a Slim Jim, solved the problem. We were on our way, in time to make the train!

Or so I figured. We sat there in the car for 15 minutes until the train definitely appeared past due. I went to the station and read the schedule and found that the trains I thought were coming didn't exist and that I'd missed a 10:15 train while sitting around in Applebee's and that there was an 11:50 which was way past my aunt's bedtime, thank you very much. Really rather overstressed at this point, and wanting to be on my way to warm comfort instead of sleeping on my parents' couch again tonight, I made a tearful call to rmd, and was barely understood because the payphone connection was terrible (and it was the more functional of the two payphones at the station). I managed to be cheery again as I got back into the car and Kate and I groaned and laughed over the situation and went back to my place, griping to each other about annoying relatives as we went. And here I am.

How was your day?

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