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I'm a bad roommate.

[addendum, Feb 16: all taken care of! yeah, that mouse had been there for quite a while]

(for now this is filtered to exclude roommates and anyone I think might feel compelled to spill the beans)

rmd and I went out for a yummy dinner before seeing Daredevil. We stopped back at the house really quickly for something I couldn't find (a little cooler), and while I was hunting I peeked into a dead space in the pantry and found... a mouse in a spring trap. A long-dead mouse, I think. Nobody ever looks in there.

And... I left it there, and we went off to Daredevil.

We'd already agreed I'd only look very quickly because we had to get on our way. And as I say, I don't think it was exactly new. So I didn't take the time to deal.

Tomorrow I'll clean it up, and then I'll unfilter the post. ;-)

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