Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

prisoners died under interrogation

This isn't in the US mainstream press, right? I couldn't find it at, though I may not have used the right keywords.

We torture people. This is official policy: "stress and duress". And two prisoners died of homicide. And Bush, Jr.'s second-ever press conference felt scripted and fake and foolish and terrifying given the context. I feel like I've gotten stuck in a Bizzaro-verse. This is not my President, not my imminent war, not my world.

But apparently it is.

I've never felt so helpless before, about things that matter beyond my own personal sphere. I've called and written to my legislators as often in the past months as in the rest of my life put together. So. Helpless.

It's this haze of depression surrounding the rest of what I do right now. I know depression about something from depression that just is, and this is the former. And it permeates everything, a psychic grease slick I can't get free of.

What can we possibly do?
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