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Well, here's what happened (anti-anti-French-protest protest)

Thank you all for your advice. I turned out to be feeling a bit queasy today, so I didn't have the energy to put any of it into effect.

Nevertheless, I think the occasion was a success. You can read lediva's story or postrodent's version if you're curious--they were both able to stay longer than I was.

My version: For the first five minutes or so, we were the only ones around except for some hopeful-looking reporters, one of whom took my name down. Then this guy wearing a cowboy hat arrived, with a few of his friends. They had bright yellow posterboard with slogans on it like "Rumsfield Rocks", "Freedom Fries (with a crossed-out "brie" and "champagne") and "Bush is Beautiful". I noted that I might carry the latter myself at an entirely different kind of rally.

They started up some music, and at lediva's suggestion we positioned
ourselves opposite them at the edge of the rock fountain (for those not familiar with the Science Center at Harvard, this means across a small paved plaza). They started some music on a boom box and started shouting nothing terribly eloquent. It was pep-rally level woo-hooing, really. This trumpet player from the Harvard Band gave us a starting pitch and we muddled our way through the first verse of the Marseillaise in, in my case, sucky pseudo-French.

I had my Statue of Liberty printout backing my music, facing the crowd, as I did this. The key was a bit low for Dan, but we managed. Then I waved my American flag, courtesy of the free swag truck when the Olympic torch bearers passed through Porter Square on their way to Salt Lake City.

Someone else was in a pink Eiffel Tower dress...

After a few minutes we sang the Marseillaise again, more solidly (with someone holding the sheet music for the trumpet player) and shouted an occasional Vive la France! I handed a printout of the Statue of Liberty to the main poster guy, saying, "a gift from France!" He took it, shook it in the air, and shouted "woo-hoo!" Apparently he then figured it out as I was walking away--what was his reaction, Julia?

I had to leave early, but other folks stayed. lediva had printed out some "freedom" songs: Freebird, Free Falling, etc. I gather they had a lot of fun filking those.

I had to leave just before 3, and then the bigger crowd would have come as classes emptied out on the hour. After that point we were outdone, I hear, by a pair in stereotypic French garb (okay, no lab coats, but cigarettes) who set up a table and sat down to languidly eat a baguette and sip from plastic wine glasses.


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