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Boston-ish outings tonight and Sunday!

For a very loose sense of Boston!

We are indeed going to the Friendly Toast on Sunday at 4, as mentioned at -- let me know if you want to join us in Portsmouth!

And tonight, we're off to see Bend it Like Beckham in Kendall Square at 7:20 pm. Let me know if I should keep an eye out for you.

It's a delightful movie we saw in London last August--I believe the top-British-grossing British-made movie ever. "Jess (Parminder Nagra) is a teenage Indian girl living in London who wants to play soccer professionally, like her idol David Beckham. Unfortunately, her strict, traditional parents are against the idea. Can Jess convince her parents to let her play -- or will she have to give up her dream?" A hackneyed movie description, but a fun flick. rmd and I have been waiting for it to reach the US for months!

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