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A couple odds and ends before I leave

I'm heading to Seattle Tuesday morn.
But in the meantime, already blank verse:
How do I take a dog away from meat?
This plaintive question, and the gory scene
described within, hilarity inspire.
I don't believe the cited source exists,
but does it really matter in this case?

I visited the cache called Geo-Art
It ceases to exist on Thursday eve.
No device is needed for this find,
and all the gallery worth visiting.

An index file, as libraries still use
if not computer-bound for listings, yet,
was labeled drawer by drawer with "north" and "west"
coordinates to caches far and near.
The artist documented many finds
with photographs and essays in a book
well-bound with navigation maps and tied
with care by anchored ribbons white and soft.
More photographs were hung on nearby walls.
But best of all was hidden in each drawer,
the treasures found in caches visited.
The artist took some objects from each site,
and inexpensive cameras left behind.
These, mailed to her by cachers as they filled,
provided snapshots, now in albums red,
each tucked into the corresponding drawer
with maps or cache-finds nestling beside.
And somewhere near it all, a caching log;
a geocache well-hidden in the art.

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