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LJMatch compatibility

Mmmkay. I'm a respectable 84% compatible with rmd, but an inexplicable 106% compatible with firni and dianala, and 102% with skreeky. Going by those results, you'd think LJMatch thought I was a strongly-opinionated woman or something! Gee whiz.

Since so much of a certain portion of my friends list has done the test, the results are pretty long, so look for them behind the cut.
firni 106%
dianala 106%
skreeky 102%
koshmom 98%
tamidon 98%
spazzkat 95%
vyoma 95%
ambar 95%
lothie 91%
montykins 91%
eefster 91%
jessicac 91%
feoh 91%
tigerbright 87%
jbsegal 84%
ornoth 84%
rmd 84%
solarbird 84%
miss_chance 84%
jillw 84%
whitebird 84%
pookfreak 80%
hammercock 80%
sweetmmeblue 80%
dr_memory 78%
kimberlogic 76%
tcb 76%
drglam 76%
bikergeek 76%
smeehrrr 72%
madbodger 67%
bryant 65%
roozle 62%
llachglin 58%
kathrynt 56%
beetiger 56%
cz_unit 51%
xiphias 45%
infinitehotel 36%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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