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Movin' on in

Some previous owner had put interior stucco on my bedroom walls--frothy peaks of stucco--sharp stucco that left scrapes on my knuckles if my arm flopped to the wall in the middle of the night. It was the only room so treated (the back bedroom on the third floor of a triple decker). I planned to move into the room based on knowing the floorplan of the lower floors and I was most disappointed when I finally got in there.

I've been in that room most of three years, and my roommate/landlords just got contractors in to add ventilation to all the bathrooms... and redo my walls! So I packed up my bedroom completely into my sitting room, packed myself off to rmd's, and drywall, plaster, and paint were applied to the walls. Three weeks later, I'm back, the room is... well, more pink than I intended, actually (I was aiming for more gray/neutral blended into a dusty rose, but it's quite rose), but it's smooth-walled and warm-hued and clean and this weekend I'm re-colonizing it. :)

Cue the working music!
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