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"They're trying to kill me," Yossarian told him calmly.
"No one's trying to kill you," Clevinger cried.
"Then why are they shooting at me?" Yossarian asked.
"They're shooting at *everyone*," Clevinger answered. "They're trying to kill everyone."
"And what difference does that make?"
-- Catch-22

Someone in our department got the newly-infamous BugBear virus yesterday, and between the e-mails it forges and general panic and the fact that it was just the busiest day of the year for us (Commencement) it really felt pretty darn personal. Even though I know that it wasn't. The staff member the virus most often forged e-mail as feels it was pretty darn personal too, since he got all the mails saying "you mailed me a virus" when he never did. His computer was never infected. Though I'm still not sure he believes me on that one.

Breathe, keep breathing.

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