Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

on a lighter note...

This may be the best rumor I've heard in months, coming out of a Q&A session at a convention this weekend. James Marsters says he is filming "Venetian Heat" (not yet in the IMDB), in September, based on the play of the same title. Also in the movie... Sean Bean and Derek Jacobi. would tell you about the play, but it's down. From the google cache of the page:

ITALY, SEPTEMBER 1943 - The country is in a shambles. The Fascists have surrendered and Nazi Germany is invading. On an isolated farm, a married couple hide two army deserters in their cellar. In the kitchen they eat, drink wine, play cards and allow passion to take control. In one of the hottest summers Italy has seen this century, hidden desires are revealed as Adriano's marriage to Caterina breaks down and he falls in love with the deserter, Franco.
Based on a true story, this is a provocative play about wartorn love that is as stifling as that famed VENETIAN HEAT.

Further down the page it becomes clear that each of the married couple falls for one of the deserters.

I simply must know how this is cast. Likeliest to me seems Jacobi as the husband, Bean and Marsters as the two deserters (Marsters the younger, prettier one who the wife falls for).

But however it's cast I

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