Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

but it's funny!

So military-industrial complex dudes are talking about a clever virus that has hit all over the place and infected lots of applications but hasn't gotten through the military's firewalls yet. Except much much less believable than that, just throwing out jargon right and left.

Technobabble's funny! This is full-on "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" for people who actually deal with this stuff for a living. Like most of the folks I was at the movie with. So we laughed. This was maybe the second time we laughed all movie. And the guy in front of us told us to shut up. Buh? I don't talk during movies, but I do reserve the right to laugh when something tickles my funnybone.

We said, "it's funny!" Both he and the chick three seats to my right said "no it's not!" I muttered "yes it is!" and subsided. Grumph. Okay, suspension of disbelief reinstalled. I'll hush now.

But it *was* funny.

Non-spoiler review: air-conditioned from end to end. And it's good to see Claire Danes again.

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