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Pirates of the Caribbean was great fun. It's rocketed to the top of my summer movies list, meaning I think it's better than Hulk, X2, T3, Matrix Reloaded, or Charlie's Angels 2, and I pretty much enjoyed all of those.

Just as much fun was the group experience. kimberlogic organized a big outing, and most everybody dressed up. I... borrowed an eyepatch. We were 40 in number, taking up two rows of the theater, and another batch of 6 or 8 pirates unrelated to us sat in the row in front. Each time a new pirate-garbed person entered the theater, up rose a cry of "Aaaaarrrrrrr!"


(In the interests of timeliness, I only cropped and shrank these (and lightened a couple). If anyone wants the raw images, let me know and I'll mail them or put them on a server temporarily. They're ~400Kb each. If you want a picture you're in taken offline, let me know. If you want to be identified by LJ handle or otherwise, let me know that.)

The early arrivals (those who weren't preening in the lobby):

I am represented by the Buffy "international sign for vampire slayer" bag.

We need how many seats?

R! R! R!

"Okay, pirates! On the count of three! 1, 2, 3...."

Pirates, popcorn, and soda.

My housemate's hat is much more impressive than it looks here.

Though she be but little, she is fierce!

Or is that sultry? Scared now!

We hadn't all arrived, but I wanted to sit down.

But on the way to my seat.... "YAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!"

Too blurry really, but hey, how often does a pirate horde fill a hallway near you?

sunspiral's photos taken right in front of the theater would fit in here. ;-) I hope to see them soon!

Onward to pillage Boston Common!

Who watches the watchmen?

The bandstand....

... never knew what hit it.

A motley crew indeed (see! it's an awesome hat!).

Quite the couple.

And the remaining pictures are of our wonderful organizers.

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