Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

Boy meets boy (no finale spoilers)

I haven't seen the finale yet, so there are no spoilers here and please don't include any in any comments.

Salon (can you tell I'm loving the syndicated feed?) has an article on Boy Meets Boy which subjects the show to some pretty well-deserved criticism. It's an incredibly sanitized and in some ways homophobic version of a gay dating show. The very premise (that some of the "mates" will be straight) guarantees that the producers will rein in the dates and keep anything from getting too sexy, giving the game away.

The twist of BMB is really very cruel. I watched the episode two weeks back when it was revealed to James, and he just stared and gave a sort of hurt, sort of cynical smile and said "... wow". Who knows what was going through his head but I'm sure part of it was "y'know, there's enough of this in life--I had thought that here of all places I didn't have to worry about whether the guy I was falling for was straight".

Yeah, I keep watching. Guilty, yer honor.

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