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Last night I saw Platypus Rex at the Kirkland; I know half of the band, but it was my first time hearing them live, and it was a blast. Those unfamiliar with them, please to check out their sound via mp3 with the James Bond send-up Sentinel Chickens, Hoshana, or the humorous Half a Mind. (Lyrics are also on their site, and a "what the hell is this song about?" link for Sentinel Chickens.) We sang along to the last two, and came up with a back-up chicken dance routine for the first. *grins at hammercock, rmd, and kjc*

Tonight we're going to see Da Vinci's Notebook (geeky a cappella) and Common Rotation (the band Adam Busch, Warren on Buffy, is in), in Northampton. I've decided the only way this could be a geekier 24 hours of music is if TMBG had done a noontime show nearby, but if Common Rotation plays their version of Don't Let's Start we'll even have that covered, sorta.

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