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What, again?

(Check out the spiffy new @livejournal addy. It took a while, the code didn't previously anticipate people going direct from free users to permanent status. Look, Ma, I found a bug!)

Last night I didn't leave work until after midnight, for utterly silly reasons.

Okay, I spent all day setting up linux for the first time (Debian, to learn to administer as an FTP server) and there was some inertia and some "ooh shiny" involved in wanting to play around on the desktop once I had it set up, yes. But that's not really why I stuck around.

What happened, see, was I wasn't sure I had my key. And it was late enough that the main door was (probably, though I didn't check) locked, and while I could unlock it from inside I couldn't re-lock it without the key unless I called security (with attendant embarrassment at being revealed to still be around so late).

And I didn't want to *check* whether I had my key. Because if I didn't check, I was still just poking around amusing myself with my new computer setup. But if I checked and I didn't have the key, I was suddenly Trapped.

<Trudy the bag lady>This is so typical of what I do!</Trudy> This really is the kind of ridiculousness that is involved in most of my procrastination.

So the cleaning staff came around about 12:30 am and I got all embarrassed and headed out. Because even if I didn't have my key they could lock up behind me.

And at the bottom of my bag, I found the key. And locked up all by myself.

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