Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

Anyone have a copy of Sagan's Contact handy?

I'd like a quote from the very end of the book, so those who wish no spoilage should not read behind the

So Ellie is searching for irregularities in the expansion of pi. When one is found, I recall something like "it showed up best in base 11, where it was written entirely in 1s and 0s". Can you quote me what exactly it says about base 11? Someone on a Babylon 5 newsgroup remembers it as meaning that base 11 is always written in 1s and 0s, whereas I remember it just as I paraphrased above.

You may call me a freak if I got it exactly right... that's one of my favorite moments in any book ever. Because I'm *that* kind of geek.
Tags: reading

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