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Wheeeeee! (LotR)

Saw the Two Towers trailer about an hour ago. Whee! They edit it in between the end of the movie and the credits. There were about two people in the audience who were seeing Fellowship for the first time: all the rest of us gasped at the change.

I get sorta shot by shot at some points, so resist temptation! Unless, of course, you don't want to.

The full details are at aintitcoolnews --I'm just remembering glimpses.

First shot, a leaf-clasp on the ground. Whee! Orcs running through the plains, whee! The three running towards the setting sun. It's so gorgeous. Merry and Pippin looking back over their shoulders at something in startlement. Whee!!! Frodoo and Sam climbing down toward Mordor. The three readying their weapons and turning to find... Gandalf the White! Wheeeeeee!

I won't go on in such detail. Just glimpses: there's kick-ass Eowyn, sword-to-sword with Aragorn;there are... interesting glimpses of a hooded Arwen;Faramir and Denethor, whee! Theoden putting on his armor! Wormtongue skulking in shadows, Eomer on horseback, Gandalf on Shadowfax leading a charge, orcs orcs orcs... and the Battle of Helm's Deep.

Gollum reaching toward the sleeping Frodo....

The end.

I *missed* the glimpse of Treebeard. Damn it. It was there, I just didn't catch it.

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