Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

I may faint...

From the goodness.

Apparently, back in 1993, Anthony Head, Alexis Denisof, and John Barrowman were the stars in a production of Rope. Yes, Giles, Wesley, and Captain Jack (no, the other one) were all vibing homosexually at each other in a tense thriller play. Oh. My. God. I can't believe they recast it before it reached London!

Photographic evidence, links to reviews, etc. may be found at

If I could take a TARDIS to see any play... well, actually there are many ancient things that would be fascinating. But in the modern era, this would be second, right behind Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Judi Dench in Macbeth. At least that one I can see a video adaptation of....
Tags: doctor who, theater, whedon

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