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Doctor Who radio/web alert

Whether you receive BBC7 radio or not, I recommend Doctor Who fans listen to the audio Who's they're now running--they're ones that came out on CD starting in early 2001. The first one aired on Saturday, meaning it's up the rest of the week on their Listen Again page:

The announcement of the stories they're running --

They're running a bunch of Paul McGann stories, nobody else. This makes sense as they're more of a continuing storyline than the other audio doctors' stories. I think it's a really moving storyline so far--I haven't reached the end of it yet on CD, but I've gotten past the point of what they intend to air through November. I'm no real Paul McGann fan (though I thought he did a creditable job with a bad script in the TV movie), either. I just like the "season" and the storyline with the companion they introduce for him. I *think* it leads into the Time War and all that (so feeds into the Eccleston season that just aired), though I can't be certain--I haven't quite reached the end of the storyline.

If you tune in for the rest of Storm Warning, listen for Gareth Thomas (Blake from Blake's 7) guest starring. I totally missed that it was him first time through.

From the press release:
... and decided to broadcast the first McGann series with a slight amendment, replacing Minuet in Hell with Invaders from Mars. This was due to some of the content within Minuet being deemed unsuitable for early evening broadcast.

Well, yes, that would be the satanistic bordello with S&M tones, that would. It's amazing the stuff they do in the audios that I never would have dreamed of having as part of a Who story. Though sometimes they do quite clever things with the format. And sometimes quite silly ones (I just heard a Colin Baker Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche).
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