Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

a to-do list of sorts (Boston-area)

The Phantom Gourmet's latest Cambridge episode recommends:

Rendezvous, in Central Square (yeah, I've heard this from everyone): rating 86
  1. Hi-Rise Bread Company (Huron Village) -- mmm, fresh-baked bread
  2. Cuchi Cuchi (Central Square)
  3. Upstairs on the Square (Harvard Square): all I know is when it was Upstairs at the Pudding in the last months, it was highly overrated
  4. Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe (Harvard Square): where I get my sammiches and chocolate bars
  5. River Gods (Central Square)... you know, I don't think I even knew that was a bar
  6. Sugar & Spice (Porter Square)... I really ought to make it over there some day, I live mere blocks away
  7. Craigie Street Bistrot (Harvard Square-ish)... was tasty the one time I ate there with my folks
  8. Central Kitchen (Central Square) -- Mediterranean numminess

  • The Red House (Harvard Square): we ended up here unexpectedly--I need to go back sometime when the outdoor patio will be a pleasant option. rating 78
  • The Harvard Square Garage -- okay, sure. They featured Flat Patties, which I've never been to; Felipe's Taqueria, about which I am agnostic; Crazy Dough's, which I hadn't known existed (but then I'm not big on pizza); the Doghouse ( = hotdogs ); and the obligatory Boston Chowda Co.
  • Chez Henri (Harvard/Porter): rating 81

Viewers' choices:
  • Changsho (Harvard/Porter) (which I just visited for the first time this spring)
  • Jose's Mexican Restaurant (Fresh Pond)
  • Bisuteki (Radisson Hotel)

  • Helmand (Cambridgeside): rating 80 (I haven't been there in too long)
  • Petsi Pies (okay, this is really Somerville, but there's a new location on Putnam Ave outside Harvard Square
  • Harvest, Harvard Square (for brunch): 80

Cheap eats in each neighborhood:
  • Cambridge, 1 (Harvard Square)
  • Midwest Grill (Inman Square)
  • Miracle of Science (Central Square)... again, I didn't quite realize this was an eatery
  • The Blue Room (Kendall Square)... need to make it out there for brunch before a movie!
  • Summer Shack (Alewife)

East Coast Grill in Inman Square.

And, aaah yes, Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage. I'm sure I've been there, I can't quite remember.... ;-)

And the cuban sandwich at the bar at Chez Henri was the dish of the day.
Tags: food
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