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Plucked from my friends list:

The drama, it unfolds before our eyes. How not to steal a Sidekick

Find your Dead Celebrity Soulmate. My favorite result so far is Mata Hari, but I haven't tried men yet.

Words of linguistic expertise: Geeks are only truly perverted when they avoid coitus and other sex acts. Okay!

And two Rock-Paper-Scissors items: Judge tells stubborn lawyers to settle dispute via rock paper scissors. It's not just for LARP gods anymore!
RPS 25: rock crushes woman; woman steps on cockroach; cockroach stows away with alien; alien destroys sun; sun melts scissors; scissors stab monkey; monkey rips up paper; paper outlaws gun; gun shoots snake; snake drinks water; water rusts axe; axe reflects moon; moon terrifies devil; devil casts lightning; lightning strikes man; man slays dragon...

(also, I updated my lyrics meme post with more lyrics from songs as yet unidentified)
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