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lyrics meme update

At this point I suppose my main hope is fresh LJ-friends pay attention to the meme, as it's mostly the songs known by fewer people that are left. ;-) I'll just edit this version from now on.

Italicized ones are answered, but the answers are hidden under the cut.

Titles and artists/albums sought:

3. You think you're denying me of something
well, i've got plenty
you're the one who's missing out
but you won't notice

4. Roy rode into Houston on the 15th of July
they brought him in to help clean up the town
He worked the Exxon building down at 21st and Main
from the 42nd floor down to the ground

5. Shall I shy down? that's boring. snoring
I'd like to teach me to sing in perfect harmony
And I'd like to change the world.
It's easier than changing me

(I recognize this song by the sound, not the lyrics, myself, but it's also obscure)

6. People pointing, finger-painting the world
Leaving me their silouette on my life
And I'm filling in the negative space with
positively everything

8. Thursday afternoon you cast a shadow 'round my room. The breeze moved the curtains and lifted my perfume into the air and danced with lazy curls in your hair. The sun was in the sky like pink champagne and it glistened in your eyes all day.

(I googled this and apparently it doesn't have line breaks.)

10. Swaz hie gat umbe
daz sint allez megede
die wellent an man
alle disen sumer gan

(and all of a sudden I'm one of the top google hits for some forms of these lyrics)

12. Well you like what you're given
a lot of us are standing in line
and you find that you're missing
what others thought you had all the time

13. I don't care what shirt you wear
And I don't want you to know my show
You make me feel so nice
Get off your horse and kiss me... twice

16. Little children did I tell you how the mockingbird
Called the animals together tried to say a few words
But the squirrels began to chatter and the bees began to buzz
Just the way it is just the way it was

24. Jerry's got a squeeze box
Johnny got a big drum
Tonight we'll play some music and have fun!

26. It's a crime to fall in love
Heart and mind, and soul in love
It's a crime to fall in love
So hard, so hard

28. Lumina, come and wrap around me
Lumina, take me through the snow

Eve took a train, Eve took a train
Went to see her man
Melting inside, melting away
Like butter in the pan

29. 4:15 Friday afternoon (Friday afternoon)
I took a trip on a train (Took a trip on a train)
On a train to you (Took a trip on a train)

30. I guess I'm fortunate
For you to be on my mind

I guess I'm fortunate
For you to be so kind

33. Open mine eyes that I may see
Glimpses of truth thou hast for me
Open mine eyes, illumine me
Spirit divine

What do you do for your living?
Are you forgiving, giving shelter?

37. When we wore a heart of stone
we wandered to the sea
Hoping to find some comfort there
yearning to feel free

38. In a forest pitch dark
glowed the tiniest spark
It burst into flame
like me, like me

previous meme post

4. Window-Washing Cowboy, Da Vinci's Notebook
5. Shine, Carbon Leaf
10. 9th movement(?) Uf dem Anger: Swaz hie gat umbe, Carmina Burana
33. Song of the Soul, Cris Williamson
37. Drawn to the Rhythm, Sarah McLachlan
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