Claudia (clauclauclaudia) wrote,

come play with me!

... that is, if a Harry Potter LiveJournal roleplaying game sounds at all appealing. I'm Severus Snape. :)

I haven't really gotten rolling in an online RPG before. It's somewhere between collaborative fanfic and improvisational acting, and I'm enjoying it even more than I thought I might.

The setting is, about 2.5 years after the end of book 6. The golden trio defeated Voldemort; everyone but him and Narcissa Malfoy who was alive at the end of book 6 is still alive and available as a player character (yeah, I know, unrealistic, isn't it? but it's to allow as much participation as people want, so I excuse it); Lucius Malfoy is setting himself up as the new Dark Lord; Snape was exonerated. It's 1999 and Harry and his cohort are 19-ish.

The game started just over a month ago, and we've just hit a point where the plot is about to seriously start.

We very much need Death Eaters. Come be villainous! Our Bellatrix has been kidnapped by so-called Real Life, so we very much want a new Bella. But any new player is a good thing.

There is teh sex in this game... anything but incest, really. Ron and Hermione are sleeping together. Severus and Draco are sleeping together. But it was necessary, really! I can totally defend that. ;-) So can Draco. Just don't tell Lucius. ravenna_c_tan has a Draco-centric index of the story so far here. At this point it's a super-set of what the Severus-centric index would be, so... take a peek if you're curious. I may be biased, but right now Draco looks like the central character of the game (so it's good that his player's an excellent writer, isn't it?)

Available/Taken Characters
Also, I understand Minerva McGonagall has been cast, though she doesn't show up there yet. I also keep hearing people have applied for Remus Lupin, but I haven't heard anyone was cast--if not, we very much want a Remus for our lonely Tonks.

Personally, I want more older characters Snape would choose to interact with. Senior Order members and so forth.

Come and play! Tell friends you think might be interested to come play!
Tags: harry potter, rpg

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