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ZOMG, a post! Or, Claudia at Worldcon Montreal

I'm going to Worldcon, anticipation_09! If you're there too, or you're just in Montreal anyway sometime through Monday, and you want to get in touch, do! See below.

No guarantees I'll ever leave the hotel, but if I do, anything I should make a point of seeing/doing? I've been to Montreal before, so I suppose I mostly mean restaurants or anything new in the last 5-10 years.

If you're at the con, you can find me via the magic of the voodoo message board, or I'll be at the Circlet Press/ party on Friday night (I'm rooming with some of the hosts). Otherwise, here/e-mail is the cheapest and most convenient (for me) way to reach me... or by SMS if you have my cell number. [I get charged for voicemail but not for incoming SMS. Also, I don't even know how to check my voicemail while roaming, though I'll figure it out.] If the number you have for me is area code 857, it's current.

If you don't have my cell phone number and want it, leave a note here telling me how to send it to you. I'll screen replies in case you want to leave your contact info, but I'll unscreen if it seems there's no personal info unless you tell me not to.

If you don't tell me how to send you info, you'll get it via LJ private message. :)
Ok, offline until Montreal...
Tags: montreal, sf cons

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