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buy right now!

EDIT: Or the deadline is noon, not midnight? So confused, just when I think I understand.

(I have no Monty Python icons? Alas.)

Okay, I'm doing another commercial t-shirt post. I don't know why I care... but I do.

Buy A simple question of weight ratios in the next hour if you're going to! It may keep the shirt alive for another week. Specifically, before midnight Central time.

Each week woot prints 7 new shirts. That week they also have for sale 27 previous shirts. The 20 that sell the most live on, along with the 7 newbies. The 7 others are gone for good. The count takes place at midnight Central Monday morning, and then the 7 dead t-shirts have 24 more hours to sell before they are axed.

Right now there is a fierce battle among, approximately, places 17-22.

I'm asking you to vote tactically, if you read this at the right time and the shirt appeals to you. I want it to live, and some of its nearby competitors to die. :-P I also endorse I Heart Math and The Black Hole. But please, if you're going to buy School or Imposter, wait until it's Monday in the midwest.

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